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Some of our recent highlighted publications. 

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* Denotes a member of the Harper Lab at the time of publication


Accessory Subunit NDUFB4 Participates in Mitochondrial Complex I Supercomplex Formation

 February 2024

Authors: Gaganvir Parmar*, Claire Fong-McMaster*, Chantal A Pileggi*, David A Patten*, Alexanne Cuillerier, Stephanie Myers*, Ying Wang, Siegfried Hekimi, Miroslava Cuperlovic-Culf, Mary-Ellen Harper

Journal: Journal of Biological Chemistry

Mitochondrial Metabolic Inefficiencies in Skeletal Muscle: Implications for Obesity and Weight Loss


Authors: Mary-Ellen Harper, Ruth McPherson, Robert Dent

Book: Handbook of Obesity-Volume 1, CRC Press


The SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein interacts with MAO-B and impairs mitochondrial energetics

 October 2023

Authors: Chantal A Pileggi*, Gaganvir Parmar*, Hussein Elkhatib*, Corina M Stewart, Irina Alecu, Marceline Côté, Steffany AL Bennett, Jagdeep K Sandhu, Miroslava Cuperlovic-Culf, Mary-Ellen Harper

Journal: Current Research in Neurobiology


GDF15 promotes weight loss by enhancing energy expenditure in muscle

 October 2023

Authors: Dongdong Wang, Logan K Townsend, Geneviève J DesOrmeaux, Sara M Frangos, Battsetseg Batchuluun, Lauralyne Dumont, Rune Ehrenreich Kuhre, Elham Ahmadi, Sumei Hu, Irena A Rebalka, Jaya Gautam, Maria Joy Therese Jabile, Chantal A Pileggi*, Sonia Rehal, Eric M Desjardins, Evangelia E Tsakiridis, James SV Lally, Emma Sara Juracic, A Russell Tupling, Hertzel C Gerstein, Guillaume Paré, Theodoros Tsakiridis, Mary-Ellen Harper, Thomas J Hawke, John R Speakman, Denis P Blondin, Graham P Holloway, Sebastian Beck Jørgensen, Gregory R Steinberg

Journal: Nature


Mapping relationships between glutathione and SLC25 transporters in cancers using hybrid machine learning models

September 2023

Authors:  Luke Kennedy*, Jagdeep K Sandhu, Mary-Ellen Harper, Miroslava Cuperlovic-Culf

bioRxiv Preprint

Cell Mol Imm.png

The TNFα/TNFR2 axis mediates natural killer cell proliferation by promoting aerobic glycolysis

October 2023

Authors: Abrar Ul Haq Khan, Alaa Kassim Ali, Bryan Marr, Donghyeon Jo, Simin Ahmadvand, Claire Fong-McMaster*, Saeedah Musaed Almutairi, Lisheng Wang, Subash Sad,

Mary-Ellen Harper, Seung-Hwan Lee

Journal: Cellular & Molecular Immunology

Clinical Sci.png
Obesity review.jpg

Deconstructing interindividual variability in energy metabolism: implications for metabolic health

 August 2023

Authors: Jennifer L Miles-Chan, Mary-Ellen Harper

Journal: American Journal of Physiology - Endocrinology and Metabolism

Novel Homozygous Variant in COQ7 in Siblings With Hereditary Motor Neuropathy

 January 2023

Authors: Ian C Smith, Chantal A Pileggi*, Ying Wang, Kristin Kernohan, Taila Hartley, Hugh J McMillan, Marcos Loreto Sampaio, Gerd Melkus, John Woulfe, Gaganvir Parmar, Pierre R Bourque, Ari Breiner, Jocelyn Zwicker, C Elizabeth Pringle, Olga Jarinova, Hanns Lochmüller, David A Dyment, Bernard Brais, Kym M Boycott, Siegfried Hekimi, Mary-Ellen Harper, Jodi Warman-Chardon

Journal: Neurology Genetics

Exercise training enhances muscle mitochondrial metabolism in diet-resistant obesity

 September 2022

Authors: Chantal A Pileggi*, Denis P Blondin*, Breana G Hooks*, Gaganvir Parmar*, Irina Alecu, David A Patten, Alexanne Cuillerier, Conor O'Dwyer, A Brianne Thrush*, Morgan D Fullerton, Steffany AL Bennett, Éric Doucet, François Haman, Miroslava Cuperlovic-Culf, Ruth McPherson, Robert RM Dent, Mary-Ellen Harper

Journal: eBiomedicine

Targeting skeletal muscle mitochondrial health in obesity 

July 2022

Authors: Chantal A Pileggi*, Breana G Hooks*, Ruth McPherson, Robert RM Dent, Mary-Ellen Harper

Journal: Clinical Science

Association of muscle fiber type with measures of obesity: A systematic review

 July 2022

Authors: Alameen Damer, Sherif El Meniawy, Ruth McPherson, George Wells, Mary‐Ellen Harper, Robert Dent

Journal: Obesity Reviews

Naked mole-rat brown fat thermogenesis is diminished during hypoxia through a rapid decrease in UCP1

 November 2021

Authors: Hang Cheng, Rajaa Sebaa*, Nikita Malholtra, Baptiste Lacoste, Ziyad El Hankouri*, Alexia Kirby, Nigel C Bennett, Barry Van Jaarsveld, Daniel W Hart, Glenn J Tattersall, Mary-Ellen Harper, Matthew E Pamenter

Journal: Nature Communications

Grx2 Regulates Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial Structure and Autophagy

August 2021

Authors: Ava Liaghati*+, Chantal A Pileggi*+, Gaganvir Parmar*, David A Patten*, Nina Hadzimustafic*, Alexanne Cuillerier, Keir J Menzies, Yan Burelle, Mary-Ellen Harper

Journal: Frontiers in Physiology

The lifecycle of skeletal muscle mitochondria in obesity

May 2021

Authors: Chantal A Pileggi*+, Gaganvir Parmar*+, Mary‐Ellen Harper

Journal: Obesity Reviews


Glutaredoxin-2 and Sirtuin-3 deficiencies impair cardiac mitochondrial energetics but their effects are not additive

May 2021

Authors: Neoma T Boardman*, Baher Migally*, Chantal Pileggi*, Gaganvir S Parmar*, Jian Ying Xuan*, Keir Menzies, Mary-Ellen Harper

Journal: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular Basis of Disease

BBA Mol Cell.tif

Altered mitochondrial fusion drives defensive glutathione synthesis in cells able to switch to glycolytic ATP production

January 2021

Authors: David A Patten*, Shawn McGuirk, Ujval Anilkumar, Ghadi Antoun, Karan Gandhi, Gaganvir Parmar*, Mohamed Ariff Iqbal, Jacob Wong, Richard B Richardson, Julie St-Pierre, Ruth S Slack, Mary-Ellen Harper

Journal: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular Cell Research

Nature Met.png

Factors affecting weight loss variability in obesity

December 2020

Authors: Robert Dent, Ruth McPherson, Mary-Ellen Harper

Journal: Metabolism

Metabolic terminology: what’s in a name?

June 2020

Authors: Mary-Ellen Harper, Mary-Elizabeth Patti

Journal: Nature Metabolism


SIRT3 controls brown fat thermogenesis by deacetylation regulation of pathways upstream of UCP1

July 2019

Authors: Rajaa Sebaa*, Jeff Johnson, Chantal Pileggi*, Michaela Norgren*, Jian Xuan*, Yuka Sai, Qiang Tong, Izabella Krystkowiak, Emma Bondy-Chorney, Norman E Davey, Nevan Krogan, Michael Downey, Mary-Ellen Harper

Journal: Molecular Metabolism


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